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Hug your memories!

Gift Certificates Available!

email: [email protected]

Prices for bears start at $50

Smaller Options $50

  • 9 inch junior bear
  • 10 inch baby bear
  • 12 inch pup 

18 inch bear $75

T-shirts/sweatshirts (large or bigger)

Most garments    

Service shirts (police, fire, military, etc.) $85-includes department patch/branch on back or chest &

embroidered name (12 characters)

---Unless garment has collar or expressed otherwise, bear will include coordinating ribbon bow around neck


Large $40

Small $25


embroidery (per line item)

appliqué-sewing on additional patches or insignia

heat vinyl transfer

Free in memoriam hangtag upon request

*These are base prices, as additional requests may increase price*

Size comparison between standard and junior bear

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Decide which garment you are going to send, contact me via phone 313-649-KUTE(5883) or by email ([email protected]) if you have additional questions. Then, send garment(s). After garments are received, I will be able to confirm pricing. At which, you may send a check, money order, or pay via PayPal. Please add an additional $15 for shipping. If you are local, I am more than happy to make arrangements for garment drop off/pick up. 

What form of payment do you accept and where do I send it?

I accept Paypal, Cash App, and check payments in full. Orders are not started until payment is received.

Checks can be made payable to: KuteByKelly LLC

Please contact me for shipping address. 

Are they child safe?

Memory/keepsake bears are a perfect comfort item and great way to memorialize loved ones. These cuddle companions are intended to be hugged and admired, but they are not designed for play. They are made with safety eyes, so they are suitable bereavement gifts for a child, but in no way are they toys.

What kind of clothes can I use?

I can use just about any garment (pants, shirts, robes, etc). Fabrics that are stretchy or with decorative holes may not yield the best bear, but it can be done. The best fabrics are sweatshirts, denim, corduroy, fleece, Khaki, cotton, and fabrics alike. 

I noticed that some bears have designs while others don't. Why is that?

Every garment is different, but I try to recreate the garment in some way. So, some bears may have collars, pockets, or flourishes depending on what the garment has. 

Should I wash it first?

I understand the importance of keeping the scent of your loved one in the clothes, that's fine. However, clothes that are heavily soiled, smell of smoke, or that have pet hair will be returned at your expense. 

How much material do you need for a bear?

Typically, 1 large adult shirt will yield an 18 inch bear. If you are sending a smaller shirt, child shirt, or baby clothes, you may want to choose one of the smaller plush. I can supplement fabric, but it takes away from the personal nature of your cuddle companion. Keep in mind, you may also use blankets, robes, dresses, etc. 

How soon will I be able to hug my bear/pillow?

I do ask that you allow 4-6 weeks for completion. This timeframe does depend on how many bears I have in queue. Thus, there is a possiblity of sooner return. Expedited requests are accepted, but orders are subject to a rush fee of twenty percent. 

**Kutebykelly reserves the right to use work in fulfilling all advertising objectives; however, your privacy is very important and will not be revealed. Pictures and names will be blurred in media post.**

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